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Nurturing of Young Nun in Russia part 2
Duration: 49m:37s
The long-awaited continuation of a story about insolent Lidia who loves to masturbate against her father's will. In this video she not only shows her pussy wide open, but gets punished by brother Georgiy, who spanks the little slut while she's tied up, gags her dirty mouth with his big cock and then brutally fucks her in all her holes from ass to mouth, pouring out his sperm on her lascivious smiling face.
Nurturing of Young Nun in Russia part 1
Duration: 43m:27s
Lidia is a hot schoolgirl who has been on a wild streak lately. Her father has just been called because she was molesting a girl in class, and when he goes home to confront her, he finds her with a dildo shoved up her cunt. He gives his naughty daughter a hardcore spanking, but she only laughs in his face. After employing a little bondage to keep her from fleeing, he contacts a nun he knows in the hopes that her whipping, humiliation and BDSM punishment will get this girl behaving normally once again.
College Games Part 2
Duration: 48m:17s
Still not ready to forgive tiny blonde Vlada for how dirty she's been at college, Ury and George have a few more punishments to give her. The sadistic duo continue their BDSM session by stretching Vlada's ass and mouth. A huge anal toy takes care of her butt, while George's massive prick gets shoved down her throat. When she's hoarse from screaming and moaning, this filthy hoe is thrown onto the bed so that George's leaking cock can fuck her cunt into oblivion. Ury watches Vlada's humiliation with glee, knowing that this bitch is finally going to learn her lesson.
College Games Part 1
Duration: 41m:45s
Perky blonde college bitch Vlada thinks she's hot shit. She likes to tease the guys at school, and it's starting to frustrate people, especially fellow students George and Ury. When Ury can take no more of her games, he calls her over to his place so that George and he can teach her a lesson. This slut has no idea what lies in store for her. After she's stripped and spanked until her pale ass cheeks are red and flaming, she's brutally whipped then made to take a humiliating enema. As if that wasn't enough, Vlada is then made to wear a collar and leash so she can be paraded around for her new Masters' enjoyment.
Wife of People's Enemy Part 2
Duration: 44m:19s
Now that the flogging, whipping and spanking part of Elena's punishment is complete, it's time for her eager Dom to get a piece of her yummy twat. Elena is bent over a table so that her Master can penetrate her from behind and go deep. He drills into her while continuing the humiliation and smacking of her delectable behind. Her small, sore tits bounce with each thrust of his thick boner, and it's clear that her slave training is far from over. Hopefully, her tormented pussy has an much endurance as her Dom does!
Wife of People's Enemy Part 1
Duration: 49m:20s
When Elena comes to see the police chief in an effort to get her husband released from jail, she thought she'd have to bribe him with money. She had no idea that this guy actually got off on being a Dom! In order to win her husband's freedom, Elena must accepting the degradation and humiliation bestowed upon her by this dominating dude. Elena's sweet, shaved pussy lips are flogged and her bubble butt spanked, but that's just the beginning of her new life as a slave in training for a Master with an endless imagination.
Gang in Russian School Part 2
Duration: 51m:23s
A hapless student Lada Krivko couldn’t even suppose what her perverted college teacher and her lustful friends prepared for her. Her young slim body will be tightly bound, pussy and anal hole hardly penetrated in common with such an indecent things like genuine verbal humiliation, slapping and roughness. This Japanese bondage really works when you want to punish your sexy victim, restrained and totally helpless. A hot jizz and a portion of a shame will be the end of this story.