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Gang in Russian School Part 1
Duration: 33m:43s
For most students life in college involves wild sexual adventures, but for this adorable teen damsel Lada Krivko it all takes a kinky twist. Her teacher wants her to become a submissive sex toy for her two perverted friends who crave Lada’s youthful body and her tight shaved pussy. This unforgettable class of sexual education will put Lada through severe bondage, humiliation and hardcore throat fucking, exploring new sexual horizons to our cute and lovely heroine Lada Krivko.
Lada, Part 2
Duration: 48m:37s
After all, Lada has been seduced into hardcore action. Anal penetration, mouth-fuck and rough sex included, one of the best chemistry in the video. Enjoy.
Lada, Part 1
Duration: 46m:14s
Poor student girl Lada is walking down the street and meets a pack of rude brutal guys. After a small talk, the girl is traveled to her teacher who turns to be on one side with those bad boys. Word by word, the girl is spanked with a big whip, gets trained while crawling with a butt-plug, humiliated variously. After all, she's being mouth-fucked by a huge dick so brutally she's close to loose her control over herself. And this is only the beginning..
Duration: 60m:05s
A naive overgrown husky called Mitrofan never had a woman before. He simply doesn't know where to put his dick and what to do with the girls. His more enlightened parents try to help him in as good manner as they can. So a cute blonde Russian girl Clasha appears in front of Mitrofan, being tied up quite tight in ropes bondage. A small adventure begins for our fellow. He tries all he can in various ways - blowjobs, pussy fucking, asshole fucking - harsh headfucking - everything goes into action along with whipping, spanking, padding and all that rough stuff we all like here ;) Enjoy.
Cossack Rebellion part 2
Duration: 47m:42s
That beautiful fortress peasant Tatyana continues her sufferings in the hands of brutal Yemelyan Pugachev. She's being tied up very professionally, is made to lick his testicles, does a perfect cocksucking and then she gets brutally fucked. Her anal hole is penetrated variously. Actually, a lot of bondage sex in this update. Have a good time. :)
Cossack Rebellion part 1
Duration: 47m:03s
In this fantasy role-play update an innocent peasant girl Tatyana gets into evil hands of a countess, whose faith doesn't actually touches us too much. As a revenge for all his soul sufferings, a man called Yemelyan Pugachev takes the girl into his brutal hands and begins his sadistic pleasure lesson. This cute pigtailed slut gets bound tight in a very interesting position which is deserving a compliment from some professional riggers and BDSM lovers. She gets whipped, spanked and finally receives a massive cock into her tiny mouth. Should we mention a beautiful humiliating face-fuck? ;) Well, enjoy the show.
Punishment in Monastery - Part 2
Duration: 41m:49s
So far, our young naive adept has being not only trained, but punished by brother Ivan. She has been brutally headfucked, her pussy was penetrated while she was being flogged by her bare back - one of the most intense scenes in the film, btw. Then her tiny asshole has been pounded by huge Ivan's cock in various positions.. Well, this blonde cutie has received her portion of humiliation and dominance from her elder brother. She was a perfect trainee and a great lover. And she has learned the lesson. Hopefully.