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Punishment in Monastery - Part 1
Duration: 38m:04s
An unknown monastery of an unknown religion receives a new adept - innocent teenage girl named Aleftina. Certainly she must be initiated to become a good obedient sister. So they decide to punish her, clearly and simple. Leashes and lashes, spanking and whipping, and then a good headfuck - and this is just the beginning.
Outrage in Russian Village Part 2 - defl...
Duration: 40m:39s
Our lovely Lena Govorukhina gets DEFLOWERED in this movie! After that she gets fucked variously. Beautiful girl, long legs, tight ass, pleasant moaning, interest action and storyline. Dispossession of the kulaks gets to the lowest physical level :) Enjoy the movie, it's worth it. And there's a little bonus with tying up in the end of the movie ;)
Outrage in Russian Village Part 1
Duration: 31m:53s
A crazy roleplay story of dispossession of the kulaks of some Russian village in a kind of modern way. A mom and her daughter are kindly asked to sign some papers, they certainly refuse and find themselves in a perverted action of our famous brutal heroes. That pretty girl Lena Govorukhina gets spanked by Sergeant Sukodrevlev who can't stop himself and wants the girl to suck his meaty cock. This cute red ass won't leave you indifferent and a brutal face-fuck will be a good appetizer for more action in the next part.
Duration: 41m:16s
This is what happens with neighbors in Russia. Quite a bizarre action with a perverted and sexual addictive workman and a cute pianist girl with a curly hair, perky tits and a tight ass. Some spanking, face-fucking, deepthroat blowjob and then a rough sex is a great continuation of this local home conflict. The girl gets tied up in strict rope bondage and has to lick the guy's asshole, then his huge cock is put in her tiny mouth. This chick is fucked in her beautiful round-butt ass and receives her portion of cum right on her nice smiling face. She's cute. Enjoy :)
Humiliation of a female student
Duration: 53m:53s
The storyline of this movie leaves us with a few questions, but we really can forgive everything when see this stunning brunette with tight ass and beautiful perky tits naked. She is a student and she is guilty. A powerful dominant bandit catches her after classes and tells her to come to his place for a punishment lesson. So far, that beautiful chick comes and takes all the punishment. She gets flogged, whipped, spanked, trained to be a good girl.. Her mellow voice is seducing when she tries to say something in her defence.. Or when she moans.. This babe gets her portion of a face-fuck and a lot of powerful hardcore action. A gorgeous Russian girl gets fucked hard. Enough said, watch the movie.
A story of one step-daughter
Duration: 45m:45s
One of our most beautiful girls and most beautiful action. This busty blonde chick returns home too late and her step-father tries to reason with the teenager but she refuses his logical arguments. So he explores the more powerful ways of persuasion. And you know, spanking, caning works much better. Then the girl gets trained and crawls on the floor naked while being whipped. The educational process suddenly gets our heroes to the bed and the real action starts. The girl gets fantastically fucked up.
Bad Luck in Saint Petersburg - part 2
Duration: 34m:48s
The goth brunette prostitute is getting finally pounded by Dubilov in the second part of this update. After that giant dildo, our putana girl has been whipped, headfucked and humiliated. The girl's ass was powerfully widened later on and finally miss Ktilupina herself was fucked as they say here sometimes "in three zeros" meaning every fuckable hole on a woman's body.