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Punishment Of Prostitute Vol. 1
Duration: 53m:32s
This is the first full time film of our collection, Punishment of a Prostitute. That part 1 shows us the humiliation and following punishment of a helpless Russian blonde prostitute who came to quite a brutal guy for some short cash. But instead she receives a rude attitude and gets disgraced, trying to fulfill her Client wishes. Tell us what you think about these movies in the comments section, if you want the comment not to be published - just put a line about it.
Two Nuns, Vol. 2 Part 2
Duration: 24m:25s
The worst nightmare for two sexy nuns continues and no matter how mightily they suffer, there is still some room for the action to get more intense. Both bound girls have their cute butts colored with bright marks from the whip, now it is time to put their other parts to good use. Blonde and brunette are kneeled and made to swallow every inch of two bulging cocks. They are giving such proper blowjobs that it is hard to tell whether they are nuns or cock hungry sluts! And there just couldn’t be a better way to finish off both nuns than hardcore drilling of their little pussies and massive cum loads that were shot on their hot trembling bodies.
Two Nuns, Vol. 2 Part 1
Duration: 15m:52s
It’s not that long since two sexy nuns became victims for sadistic anarchists, but for these two nude hotties it seems like it lasts forever. They have already had their butts and pussy cracks flogged and spanked mercilessly, but the action is still getting more intense with every moment. Blonde and brunette nuns are tied face to face on a bondage frame and have their tight asses and backs whipped till their sensitive flesh goes red from merciless hits. Two anarchists are laughing diabolically as the whip whistles in the air and smashes moaning nuns who are about to burst into tears from the feeling of helplessness and sizzling pain that seems to never end.
Two Nuns, Part 2
Duration: 28m:20s
This day leaves behind everything that these two sexy nuns learned in church school. They become victims for two kinky Russian anarchists whose minds are crammed with perversions and lust. Vulnerable nuns know that suffering is the shortest way to circumcision, but little they knew how sinful their trials would get. Submissive blonde and brunette get their sexy legs yanked up and bound tightly to take relentless tortures on their soles and heated pussies. Just like Jesus suffered on the cross so do these hot nuns suffer through pain and humiliation bound to the wooden bondage frame without any hope for mercy or redemption.
Two Nuns Part 1
Duration: 21m:22s
The Russian Civil War of 1918 was a remarkable historical event and while everyone was fighting for the power, two anarchists Sema and Prohor started their own revolution and it cannot be described anyhow else but sexual. Once they came across two innocent nuns, all their lust and hunger for humiliation got a chance to be fulfilled with these two shy cuties. Being unable to resist horny perverts, nuns were made to expose their tight bodies for groping and whipping, crawl on their knees like sexy kittens and worship dirty boots of the anarchists. This is just the beginning and you don’t want to miss how these nuns will turn into cum hungry submissive sluts in this amazing role play scene!
Bad Credit Part 2
Duration: 22m:43s
Elena’s husband got into a trouble with special police squad and now she is the one to take the ordeal of punishment and humiliation. She knew that the corrupt officers are not going to be gentle with her luscious plump body and prepared herself for the worst, but what it dished out to completely surpassed all her expectations. Elena was pushed to her limits with merciless whipping and flogging and when her senses were overloaded with pain, she got two hard cocks to please with her juicy fucking holes. It's been a good lesson for her not to mess with special police department and hopefully next time her husband will pay out debts on time.
Bad Credit Part 1
Duration: 30m:45s
Financial crisis left its impact in many lives, but for this married couple it became a real breaking point. Elena’s husband used to be a successful businessman and now he owes tons of money to special police squad. This plump hottie is ready to do whatever it takes to save her looser husband from troubles, even if it would cost her a fortune. Police officers are not going to leave empty handed, so they take Elena and turn her into submission. Even though they promise the cuckold husband to be nice with his busty wife, rough groping and flogging are the least harmful things they are going to dish out for their sadistic amusement.