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Friend's Treachery Part 2
Duration: 22m:21s
Naive Russian girl Nastya was promised to be introduced to a handsome guy, but their first date was a lot like Nastya’s worst nightmare. She got betrayed by her sexy friend Irina and was used as a submissive slut in hardcore threesome. Nastya faced all her fears when she was restrained on her knees and made to endure rough strap-on fucking while her mouth was stuffed with a hard cock. Her soft flesh was kept red all the time with malicious flogging and bound girl was not allowed to cum until her ripe booty got covered with a hefty load of hot semen.
Friend's Treachery Part 1
Duration: 40m:16s
Cute Russian girl Nastya thinks that Irina is her best friend and always listens to her advices, but we know that female friendship is a tricky thing. Irina wants to introduce Nastya to her old friend Sergey and she has her own interest for this date to happen. Nastya is too shy and runs away when she understands what Sergey is willing to use her for, but it only creates her more problems and when Irina brings her back, no one is going to beat around the bush anymore. Innocent girl is ordered to take her clothes of and when her vulnerable body is restrained helplessly, she gets introduced to all burdens of being dominated by a perverted master and sadistic mistress.
Punishment for Criminal Negligence Part 2
Duration: 21m:33s
Before this day, Nadezhda thought that being fucked for a huge financial screw up is simply a metaphor, but now it is getting more real than she could have ever imagined. She made a mistake that cost her company 300 millions and now she has to suffer well to make it up to her boss and his friend Victor. Nadezhda is bound and has to take punishments and humiliation from Victor who is willing to satisfy his perverted and sadistic desires with the help of this poor Russian girl. The only way for this fortuneless financial director to get out in one piece is to do everything Victor tells her and please his cock as well as she can.
Punishment for Criminal Negligence Part 1
Duration: 41m:31s
Gleb Alexandrovich runs a big company and once in a while he checks the financial report by himself. It’s hard to describe how mad he was when he found out that his company’s budget is missing $300 millions! He demands explanations from his friend and colleague Victor Nikolaevich and together they figure out that it was fault of their financial director Nadezhda Pushkareva. Poor girl is in a serious trouble and the only option she has to atone for her fault is to be punished and sexually humiliated by sadistically intentioned Victor and have it all recorded on cameras for the boss.
Story of Nurse, Vol.2 Part 2
Duration: 28m:17s
Victor runs a big S&M club and there are hundreds of whores willing to taste his cock, but for him there is nothing better than seducing an innocent girl and training her for his club. He shows Elena what submission is all about and now, when she already knows how to take punishments, follow his orders and suck his long and stiff cock, it is time to try out her lovely shaved pussy and see if it is capable of fitting every inch of his shaft. Victor bangs Elena fiercely and by the way she responds to his actions, he is sure to say that she will become a precious gem in his collection of submissive whores.
Story of Nurse, Vol.2 Part 1
Duration: 18m:12s
Elena could have never imagined that her life path would turn this way. She was an earnest student and wanted to become a nurse to care about people in need, now she has completely different things to care about. Elena has to work in an underground S&M club and its owner, Victor, introduces this lovesome girl to her new responsibilities. Elena gets restrained by her wrists and ankles and can do nothing to prevent Victor from abusing her pretty face. He roughly shoves his stiff cock in the girl’s throat and pushes it all way down to her tonsils. He only takes it out to slap the girl’s cheeks and then shoves it deep inside again to claim satisfaction.
Story of Nurse, Part 2
Duration: 26m:17s
Beauteous Russian girl Elena has everything to become a nurse – she is a lovely and caring person, but, unluckily for her, these are the personal traits that Victor is looking for. He owns an underground S&M club and wants to replace washed up whores with fresh cuties. Elena is induced to submit and has to pass her first slave training against her will. The girl is pushed to her limits with body shaking orgasms and cruel punishments. Even her tears can’t stop Victor from abusing her pussy and ass in the most sadistic ways.