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Story of Nurse, Part 1
Duration: 23m:05s
Victor is the owner of the best S&M club in the city and he is waiting for some distinguished guests to arrive. He always provides his customers with the best service, but this time he wants to treat his guests with something really special. Victor asks his friend to find a fresh and lovely girl and Elena matches his demands perfectly. She is a student of a medical institute and dreams about becoming a nurse one day, but her life changes drastically after she comes for an interview with Victor. He compels this innocent girl to work in his club under the threat of murder and gives her the first lesson of submission by himself.
Teacher and Schoolgirl, Part 2
Duration: 31m:54s
Aleks Ivanovich is a teacher and he loves his job. In fact, it is not teaching that he enjoys most of all, but some privileges his job gives him. Galina Zubova failed her exam again and now she is ready to do anything to keep her underachievement in a secret from her parents. She comes to her teacher’s apartment without a slightest idea of what he is going to do with one of his most seductive students. His intentions come clear when he orders Galina to strip down and expose her sexy body for corporal punishment. But her sincere suffering is not enough to atone for her low scores and she is to please her perverted teacher’s cock with her tight pussy and deep throat.
Teacher and Schoolgirl, Part 1
Duration: 27m:37s
Galina Zubova did really poorly at her geometry exam. It was the third time she failed it and now her teacher, Aleks Ivanovich, has two options to offer her – either he calls her parents or puts in use some old fashioned methods of discipline. Sexy student chooses the second option and obediently bents over the desk to give up her bare ass for rough spanking. But watching this stunning college girl suffering arouses Aleks Ivanovich’s darkest desires and he invites Galina to his apartment, where he has some toys and devices to satisfy his sadistic urges and teach his naughty student a lesson of submission.
Omon in Action Vol. 2 Part 2
Duration: 22m:05s
Dasha is a smoking hot prostitute, but never before she has been fucked so roughly and humiliatingly as today. Special police officer Captain Ivanov is going to take advantage of his authority and use Dasha for his own carnal urges. After he pushed this sexy whore almost to the breaking point with harsh flogging and whipping, there is no longer any need for tying Dasha up as she knows how easily hard corporal punishments can be deserved. Captain Ivanov is using his huge cock as the main instrument of submission and shoves it deep into Dasha’s ass for the most fierce anal pounding in her life.
Omon in Action Vol. 2 Part 1
Duration: 17m:29s
Captain Ivanov continues to fight with crime and especially with prostitution in this amazing scene. He brought a sexy brunette slut to his hideout and now he wants to see her twitching in agony from his devious punishments. Dasha has her firm ass colored with red streaks that are left from relentless whipping, so now she knows what waits for her in case of disobedience. When Dasha has her will suppressed, Captain Ivanov takes out his long and stiff cock and makes the prostitute give him the best blowjob she can, way much better than she has ever given to any of her clients.
Omon in Action Part 2
Duration: 25m:49s
Dasha was caught by Captain Ivanov and was brought to his hideout where he had a huge wooden bondage device. As he believed it was the best way to fight with prostitution by tying girls up and turning them into submission. After few minutes with such a strong sadist like Captain Ivanov, none of the prostitutes would ever want to get caught by him again. His methods included malicious whipping and flogging, intense finger fucking and verbal humiliation of bound sluts. His methods could seem too rude, but they definitely worked great and looked amazing!
Omon in Action Part 1
Duration: 18m:03s
Captain Ivanov works in a special police squad and has his own unconventional methods of fighting with prostitution that Dasha will remember for a long time. She was standing on the corner looking for a client when Captain Ivanov approached her and asked to show her passport. Right after he took her to his office where he performed a rough body search and left Dasha completely naked. At first silly prostitute was thinking that she will be paid for that, but when Captain Ivanov grabbed her by the neck and clearly explained his intentions, sexy slut had nothing else to do but submit to his strength.